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But what possible benefit could you derive from slowly killing yourself oh my people? Biafra wound must be healed. Biafra Arise! Biafra has suffered a mysterious illness with most unusual symptoms. He experienced shortness of breath,ringing in the ears,bulging of the eyes,flaring of the nostrils, a hot flush –red face and perspiration.After many visits to his physician,major surgery on the eyes and nose was recommended. His surgeon told him that the procedure was serious,painful and costly,and that the recovery time would be approximately six months. If” you are going to experience any relief, you must undergo this surgery” his doctor told him

He elected the surgery,since the alternative of living with the symptoms was a greater discomfort.Six months later he was discharged as completely healed! He enjoyed perfect health.A month later,the symptoms reappeared: shortness of breath, ringing in the ears, bulging of the eyes, flaring of the nostrils, a hot flush –red face and perspiratio…


For forty something years Chinua Achebe’s 2012 book, There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra, remained in the works. It took him this long to write because the story is too personal and too painful to write. Biafra Genocide took place from 1966 against the Igbo and other Southeasterners (Biafrans); while the war started in 1967 and ended in 1970. Achebe finished writing about it in 2012, forty two years after the war ended or forty six years since the 1966 genocide. The story is compacted into 334 pages. And through the author’s mastery the story is easy and gripping to read. It’s easy to read because the writer’s style is lucid and without any hint of guiles. But difficult because of the pain and missed opportunities the author and his loved ones had to and still go through. Since it is a personal narrative the writer would not bog the reader down with too many details. That, in itself, is one source of the pain of the writer.

What would he include and what would be exclu…


When I was very young, I’m always confused when old men look at someone and ask- "WHY DID YOU BEAT A DRUM IN THE BUSH ONLY TO COME OUT ON THE ROAD TO START LOOKING FOR WHO BEAT THE DRUM?" As small as I am then, this was one of the most ridiculous proverbs I used to hear because I couldn't comprehend how someone can do something and immediately start looking for someone else that did it. Although I had to ask my wonderful Late Father to explain those mysteries to me which he always gladly did, I’ve recently encountered a firsthand experience of what these old men were talking about. They were actually referring to people like "the murderous Nigerian government"-no other thing explains it better to me. It is on record that right from the first day of creation and amalgamation of Nigeria, Biafrans have continued to be the sacrificial lambs necessary for the continuous existence of Nigeria. To Nigerians It doesn't matter if these lambs are buried alive, it doe…

Radio Biafra Shortwave frequency changes over to 11700 kHz at 25-meter band on the 20th of April 2016.

Our shortwave listeners worldwide please note that from the 20th of April 2016 our frequency will change over to 11700 kHz at 25-meter band, broadcast time is 7 pm to 10 pm London time tell your friends and family and also share to every platform, timelines, etc.... Radio Biafra


Carol Munday: Its Friday already! As we debate later today at the London University for the students, our next generation will be overwhelmed not only by the many hardcore Biafrans attending the event, but how Biafra is not just a nation of nations but a spirit that is greater than life itself. #Biafra #NnamdiKanu