Monday, 18 April 2016

The Untold Story Of British Sponsored Terrorism and Mass Murder of 3.5 Million Children in Africa Between 1967-1970: By Okonkwo Isaac Somto.

Nigeria is a country that was created artificially by British colonialism. Nigeria consists of Arewa, Oduduwa and Biafra.  The trick of British colonialism was the divide and rule system. They knew the nature of Nigeria; that it is a country that doesn’t have the same climate, the same religion, the same mentality, the same dialect, and the same culture. They used their military might to force Nigeria to be one by the amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorates of Nigeria. 

They gave the Fulani emirs political prominence at the expense of the Southern population and left a time bomb with the fuse burning. During the coup that saw General Gowon came into power, the British High court commission in Lagos after the meeting with the coup leaders came out in their full support – including their demand for recognition of the dominance of the North in any political process. All the regions excerpt the South Eastern region – where the former governor, Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, remained in command with his troops and refused to recognize the new dictatorship. Gowon taught that British imperialism liked him and that was why they would support him to fight a war against Ojukwu. But he failed to understand that Britain and America were only interested in stealing Nigerian oil.

Britain who knew that failure to stop Biafra will result to a brand new world for Africa and a more dominant Biafra republic will shape a new dawn for Africa decided to do everything in their power to prevent that from happening. Knowing how intelligent, brilliant, smart, hard-working and powerful the Biafran people was, Britain stood with Nigeria to fight against them just because they feared that Biafra was capable of creating a reliable, respectable, inventive and powerful Nation that will cripple their influence in Africa.

Chinua Achebe author of "THERE WAS A COUNTRY" said- "Let me give one more dimension of what we were hoping to do in Biafra, and what this freedom and independence was suppose to be like. We were told, for instance, that technologically we would have to rely for a long, long time on the British and the West for everything. European oil companies insisted that oil-industry technology was so complex that we would never ever in the next five hundred years be able to figure it out. We knew that wasn't true. In fact, we learned to refine our own oil during the two and a half years of the struggle, because we were blockaded. We were able to demonstrate that it was possible for African people entirely on their own to refine oil. We were able to show Africans could pilot their own planes."-Chinua Achebe.                                     

As you could observe during the civil war Biafrans scientist were able to invent a lot of things, they could build their own weapon, cars, rockets, bombs, telecommunications gadgets and also devised an ingenious strategy to refine their own oil, all this was accomplished in less than two and a half years, something the Nigeria Government haven't done for more than fifty (50) years now. If you recall the OGBUNIGWE, those of you who don't know what that means should ask the Nigeria army and her armed forces, they can never forget what OGBUNIGWE did to them. Biafran scientists invented the bomb called OGBUNIGWE, the bomb was a complex three-chamber apparatus that often included delayed action devices containing a propellant, an explosive substance-often gunpowder in an igniting base- and scraps of metal for maximal effect. OGBUNIGWE bombs struck great terror in the hearts of many Nigerian soldiers and till this day, they still fear what that bomb did to them.

Even though the Nigeria army was well equipped and had the support of the British, America, Russia government, they still feared the inventions and the weapons of Biafran scientists. What Biafran scientists achieved during the civil war, mesmerized the British Government and since then they have vowed to never give Biafra the chance to prove their capabilities to the world. Imagine we got Biafra during the 1967 civil war the whole of Africa would have been liberated and wide-open to a whole new world of dependability. If Biafra had existed before now, there wouldn't be any darkness but light in Africa, Africa wouldn't depend on Europe, Britain or America for technology and inventions.

We would have been able to do all those things ourselves and that was what Britain feared would have happened if the allowed the Republic of Biafra, they knew the Biafran people were strong, smart and brilliant enough to create a Nation of total freedom and dependability for themselves and not rely on Britain or Europe for everything. That was why Britain made sure they gave Nigeria every support they needed to destroy that hope and dream, they stood with Nigeria and massacred over 3.5million Biafrans just because they feared what the Biafran people could achieve, they feared that soon Africa through Biafra will discover for themselves that everything Europe, America and Britain told them was a very BIG LIE! Biafra would have been the light of Africa, a new Beginning for Africa, Africa would have been liberated and totally free through Biafra but Britain fought so hard to make sure that wasn't possible by killing Millions of Biafra who wanted to be free from their enslavement. Africa till now is still a slave to their colonial Masters, that's the truth whether you like it or not. Nigeria is the so-called giant of Africa because of the Britain, Britain is still in full control over the affairs of Nigeria and they keep deciding what goes on in Nigeria. Those who are insentient, cold-blooded, unaffected keep saying Biafra is Dead but deep down they know Biafra is Never Dead because the spirit of Biafra still lives in all Biafrans and as long as Biafrans live Biafra lives.

Biafra has come to stay and there is nothing the British-Nigeria government can do about that. Even though Britain and Nigeria tried to commit an unthinkable act by trying to exterminate the Biafran race during the 1967 civil war they failed. Biafra can't be killed because Biafra is a spirit. So instead of fighting to keep en-slaving the Biafran people in Nigeria, Britain should give them their freedom because Nigeria and Britain will never be at peace until they let Biafra go. I OKONKWO ISAAC SOMTO am saying to the British-Nigeria Government, LET MY PEOPLE GO! We won't rest or sleep until Biafra is actualized. We will make sure that BIAFRA will one day be called a NATION, and anyone that keep trying to stop Biafra will be swept aside. God bless you all and bless the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA (ISE!!!).

The Aftermath: What We Can All Learn from Emeka Ojukwu’s Values And Character By Lawrence Nwobu

The critical mass of Ndigbo have rightly been in mourning since the passing of the hero, Legend and freedom fighter Emeka Ojukwu. Igbo leaders in particular have been falling over themselves trying to outdo each other in their adulation of Ojukwu. Yet, it is not a secret that Igboland has been afflicted by the Nigerian disease of visionless, corrupt and insensitive leadership. It is thus not the sycophancy or shedding of what amounts in most part to crocodile tears by Igbo leaders that matters but what they have learnt from the character, values, incorruptibility, selflessness and leadership of Emeka Ojukwu.
Emeka Ojukwu demonstrated with his life and times an unrivalled selflessness and dedication to service. After his education in Oxford University, he abandoned his father’s immense wealth and choose instead the hard life of the civil service before opting for the rugged and regimented life of the army which he joined as a recruit. In taking this unusual route, he choose service rather than the crude route of material wealth. Having chosen public service, he served selflessly and risked his life in defence of his people who faced genocide. In a nation and environment so polluted by corruption, Ojukwu remained a higher mortal who was never involved in the crude and primitive looting of public funds.
His short-lived Biafran administration in spite of the difficulties and odds of conflict was a remarkable success in the social, political and economic engineering of the embattled state. It is on record that Biafra achieved scientific feats which included the building and operation of functional refineries, the building of tanks, rockets, bombs, assault rifles and other scientific feats which no African state has rivalled to date.
In Ojukwu we have a man who represented the best of the core Igbo spirit of hardwork, determination, industry and creativity. Values which can hardly be associated with any of the present day Igbo leaders, nor a large section of the Igbo masses who have since lost most of our core values.
The unprecedented out pouring of grief by millions of ordinary people, in mourning the hero and legend ought now to teach Igbo leaders that what matters most in leadership and indeed in life is not the amount of public money they can steal, but the selfless and visionary leadership they can provide to the critical mass of their people.
The Igbo nation remains in dire straits, held hostage by the contradictions of a nation determined to keep her down and by self destructive Igbo leaders participating in the Nigerian disease of corruption, lack of vision, insensitivity and misrule. In the aftermath of Ojukwu’s passing, It is hoped that solemn reflections on the values, selfless leadership and character of Ojukwu and the widespread emotions and honour he has received in recognition of his selflessness will redirect Igbo leaders at every level into charting a new course for their people.
Corruption is a luxury we can ill afford for a people many kilometres down in a pit. Igbo leaders must now imitate Ojukwu’s values and shun corruption in all its ramifications. Developing Igboland must now be like a religion to which they must all pursue fanatically. Town development Unions, youth leaders, cooperative societies and other forms of communal organizations and cohesion which served Igboland so well in the past must now be reconstituted as a mechanism for grassroots development.
Ahiara declaration must now be adopted as a de-facto constitution of the Igbo nation and used as a tool of indoctrination to propagate its core values. The Igbo masses on their own must also emulate Ojukwu’s values of honesty and selflessness. In taking these giant strides and actually beginning the social, economic and political reconstruction of Igboland, Igbo leaders and masses would have gone beyond just mourning our legend by actually initiating a renaissance of the Igbo nation which is the best way Ojukwu would prefer to be mourned and remembered.
Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu