Friday, 22 July 2016


Nigeria Map
There are a thousand and one reasons why Nigeria as a matter of urgency must split up along ethnic/cultural lines as soon as today. (The emphasis here is on the now for very obvious reasons). These are some of them:
1. Nigeria as a third-party construct was put together without due consent of the actual members of the union or taking into consideration the feelings and cultural sensitivities of any of the people concerned.

2. The union from the onset is faulty because the fundamental ingredients that make any social contract or society work were lacking. Such a thing like religious/cultural affinity is just non-existent amongst the peoples of Nigeria.
3. It is believed that all successful unions, relationships, marriages, societies, etc are those in which members can communicate among themselves in a clear language that every party to the arrangement understands. Therefore the most important element in forming a union that works becomes the commonality of language. In Nigeria that is absent.

4. For a relationship or union to work there must be common objectives, goals, or destiny that everyone in it must subscribe to or aspire toward. The Muslim North and West of Nigeria surely have different agendas and goals from those of Christian and Animist Igbo/Biafra people.
5. It is only based on when all members of the society can have a common objective will they be able to work together, trusting one another knowing that they are all headed toward the same direction even when the details of their methods and minor views differ it is still understood and rooms or provisions are made for those diversities so that no one takes up arms to kill the others. Such understanding is completely non-existent in Nigeria. No tolerance of views that are unislamic is present in Nigeria.
6. There is mutual suspicion amongst the different peoples of the Nigerian union and no one is even making attempt at tolerating the other.
7. Islamic jihadist project against Igbo/Biafra people and the other non Muslim population of the failed Nigerian experiment is so overt and boiling over and it is continuous.
8. Historically, a heinous atrocity had been visited on Igbo/Biafra people. 48 years ago the greatest genocide on the African continent was committed by Nigeria and its citizens against the other supposedly fellow citizens, the Igbo/Biafra people and, they murdered 6.1 million of that group including children all because of hatred and intolerance.
9. The same Igbo/Biafra people were not only denied their right to life in the genocidal act but they were also dispossessed of their material wealth and possessions. After the killings, bombing and near-annihilation of the Igbo/Biafra ethnic group and total destruction of the physical structures of Biafran people and land, Nigeria took away ownership of all the real estate properties that once belonged to Igbo/Biafrans wherever they were located in Nigeria. In the same vein Nigeria also denied Igbo/Biafra people access to their bank deposits. Instead they handed to each Igbo/Biafran depositors 20 pounds of Nigeria’s money no matter the millions or thousands that they had in the banks prior to the time.

10. Like we earlier said, this list is endless but let’s just say that there is no compatibility and there will never be a time when there will between the Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani and the Igbo/Biafra people. There is no commonality of interests as a society, let each group go their separate ways. That is wisdom and that is the only truth