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Horrific attacks on Biafrans by the Nigeria Department of Secret Services (DSS) and Hausa-Fulani herdsmen intensified since October last year when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and director of Radio Biafra/Television was Illegally arrested at tulip hotel by DSS.
Hundreds of IPOB peaceful protesters had been killed so far in separate attacks by the Fulani herdsmen in collaboration with the DSS.
On March , Hausa-Fulani invaded Agatu local government, an idoma community in the north central Benue State, reportedly Killing 500 People and Carrying out ARSON in the same area.

On February 22n 2016, Nigerian happy triggered soldiers invaded Yeghe Community In Gokana Local Government Area Of Ogoni, Rivers State, under the guise of searching for Solomon Ndigbara a former militant, they gruesomely violated the fundamental human right of Ogoni people ,killing not fewer than twenty people, burnt down houses and destroyed properti…

Nigeria DSS are the buhari personal killing Agents: by By Prince Ugochukwutubelu olisakwe.

It is so satanic that Nigeria DSS release a press that indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) all over the world are terrorists, 
It is quite unfortunate that you so called intelligent official cannot differentiate evil and good. It is evil and barbaric to compare vampire Boko Haram and terrorist fulnani rapist, Boko Haram in disguised to indigenous peoples of Biafra. Now it is clear to everybody that Nigeria is not amalgamated in day time but in night time and darkness . It is clear that Nigeria is full of darkness and evil.
First of all,the men of Nigeria forces are so bias,corrupt,satanic,evil and love in killing innocent lives
I have few questions to ask this men of Nigeria DSS. First,have indigenous peoples of Biafra (IPOB)killed anybody? 

Second, have indigenous people of Biafra( IPOB) kidnapped anybody,raped,destroyed property or burnt houses? and the answers is No. but all this killings, kidnapping of Christian Under age girl are been committed by the emir sponsored terrorist. raping o…

Killing of five Northerners: DSS lied against IPOB – Igbo groups

South-East based groups, the Igbo Women Assembly, IWA, and the Igbo Youth Movement, IYM, Sunday, described as falsehood allegation by the Department of State Services, DSS, over the killing of five Northerners.
The DSS had alleged that the five Northerners were killed and buried by some members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. However, IWA, in a statement signed by its leader, Chief (Mrs.) Mariah Okwor said it “condemns in no uncertain terms the clearly false allegation by the DSS, that IPOB killed 5 northerners and buried them in a forest in Aba. “This calculated blackmail is probably plotted to give IPOB a bad name. IPOB has never been and cannot transform into a violent organisation. “IPOB is a mass movement of millions of Eastern Youths, who are frustrated and disenchanted with Nigeria as presently structured. Those who came up with this spurious accusation, had better look for a better story to tell.” “The Igbo Women Assembly, know that the extra judicial killing of these una…

Huge Menace In Igbo land: Why mentally deranged, beggars From Hausa - Fulani Land invade Igbo land.

Over a month, our re­porters spent time ob­serving the South East and returned a damning ver­dict: beggars and mad people have taken over the cities. World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that men­tal and behavioural disorders alone constitute 12 per cent of the global burden and that nearly 450 million people have mental or behavioural disor­ders. WHO equally estimate that by 2020, the burden of mental disorders would in­creases to 15 per cent and men­tal disorders will be among the leading causes of global dis­ease burden and that by then, depression alone is expected to become the second highest cause of death and disability worldwide. In order to ward off these problems, in 2015, Anambra State under the leadership of Mr Peter Obi raided the towns in the state and over 200 beg­gars/ destitutes were taken off the streets. Similar activities, we gathered, were carried out in Imo, Abia, Ebonyi and Enugu states. Even at some points par­ents numbering over 100 were dragged to Family…