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Dear Brothers,

Niger Delta Avengers(NDA)
Concern Militant Leaders(CML)
Egbesu Mightier Fraternity (EMF)
Isoko Liberation Front (ISL)


I want to start by giving kudos to all the brave soldiers fighting for freedom from the creeks, it will interest you as a freedom fighters to see at least one person that's officially writing to applause and welcome your activities within and outside the creeks," Sincerely speaking,you guys are doing us proud," Proud in the sense that you're not demanding for resource control as usual, instead you have shown maturity by fighting for a just course which is your freedom.

Freedom is golden to all humanity but it is very unfortunate that the Zoological Republic of Nigeria have toyed with our freedom and right to human existence. Many people have wondered why the militants are bombing the oil facilities located in the NIGER DELTA area! Honestly speaking,their reasons were as good as mine,"since the oil was discov…

Waking the nature to fight for biafra.

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