Sunday, 22 May 2016



Dear Brothers,

Niger Delta Avengers(NDA)
Concern Militant Leaders(CML)
Egbesu Mightier Fraternity (EMF)
Isoko Liberation Front (ISL)


I want to start by giving kudos to all the brave soldiers fighting for freedom from the creeks, it will interest you as a freedom fighters to see at least one person that's officially writing to applause and welcome your activities within and outside the creeks," Sincerely speaking,you guys are doing us proud," Proud in the sense that you're not demanding for resource control as usual, instead you have shown maturity by fighting for a just course which is your freedom.

Freedom is golden to all humanity but it is very unfortunate that the Zoological Republic of Nigeria have toyed with our freedom and right to human existence. Many people have wondered why the militants are bombing the oil facilities located in the NIGER DELTA area! Honestly speaking,their reasons were as good as mine,"since the oil was discovered in the axis, it have solved little or no problem facing the poor masses,the poor youths of the land are in steady suffering,pains and gnashing of teeth only because oil is flowing in the region.

The Northern figures that owned mostly 86% of the oil blocks came as far distance as the North to own oil blocks while the original owners of the land are left to perish and die prematurely due to hardship imposed on them by the Zoological Republic of Nigeria.
When you look into this matter critically, you will see that those strangers from the North that owns the oil blocks have vowed not to develop the region as it wasn't in their culture to develop a land not originally own by them, these group of men seen today as oil block owners have almost destroyed 90% of our people's lives and properties only to make sure that their oil businesses keep flowing without even considering the damages been done to the Niger Delta region and Southeast as a whole."

The militants see all these nonsense happening in the region as a big insult and a slap on their faces,therefore, allowing the oil to continue flowing is of no meaning hence the oil business for ages haven't solve any problem relating to unemployment, Poor Living Standard, Unstable Electricity, Poor Educational System,Bad Water Supply,Bad Roads,Insecurity, Ethnic Cleansing, Marginalisation, Bad Infrastructures,Bad Hospitals,Land Pollution,Oil Spillage and Land degradation.

The risk of allowing the oil to flow is huge,and it is now obvious that the key players in the oil industries are throwing their weight on our people by threatening to crush us each time we rise up in unity to defend our lives,properties and heritage." Fighting for our right will forever remain,and is a task worth dying for," for those of you criticizing militants especially the Southerners" I want you all to know that this fight is your fight,as the owners of these oil blocks are mostly from the North and have shown no sign of being in love with you instead they prefer to buy more sophisticated weapons, fighter jets ,employ mercenaries, lobby with some Western allies to kill and destroy you for daring to stand their way as an obstacle,the more you allow them to enrich themselves with oil flowing in our land is the more powerful you ignorantly make them to become.
Our right to agitate and fight for freedom is enshrined under "UNITED NATION'S CHARTER" but is now obvious that our right is not even found anywhere in the world not to talk more of the so called UN Charter.

The course to liberate ourselves and emerge as a sovereign nation now lies in our hands,as we can now see that every peaceful means of agitation have lead to our death,now is the time to move the suffering away from our region and make it a nationwide predicament by this guerilla warfare.
Everything we have as a people have been taken away by the Zoological Republic of Nigeria." Nnamdi Kanu is in detention,the one and only Maritime University commissioned by GEJ is gone,Second Niger Bridge is gone,Sea ports are gone,Our Roads are bad, Universities are on steady strike,Ibeato Cement is gone,Textile industry is gone,Glass industry,Airports are going and yet they export oil that worth billions of dollars from our land,"No,this is a very big blow for all of us,I will stop here so far,but for those of you who don't get it,it is time you join me by saying all hail the militants.

Written by a brother,
Don Black D.

Waking the nature to fight for biafra.

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