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Top Secret: Gen. Odumegwu Ojukwu's Letter in 1967 To Col. Victor Banjo on the quest to liberate yoruba land from hausa and fulani occupation.

22nd AUGUST 1967,
From: The Military Governor,
Republic of Biafra Enugu,
22nd August, 1967.

My dear Victor,

1. For some time now, you and I have been discussing the circumstances that have led to the current and inevitable disintegration of what was the Federation of Nigeria. We have been fully convinced that the aim of the Hausa/Fulani complex has ever been, and will ever remain, the total domination of every other part of what was known as the Federation of Nigeria.

It is impossible to forget that the crisis which led to the army takeover in January 1966, the coup of the Northern soldiers led by Gowon in July 1966, the wholesale and indiscriminate massacre of the people of what is now Biafra- and, to a less degree, the people of the Mid-West and West, including the Yorubas, were all the direct result of Hausa/Fulani attempt to subjugate and use as tools, the gallant people of Western Nigeria namely the Yorubas. We do not need to remind ourselves of the heavy losses in life and p…