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Ibeh Gift Amarachi reporting for Family Writers
Today been the 12 of April,Miss AMUCHE DESTINY a Nineteen(19yr) Old Biafran from Orlu Local Governement Area Of Imo State, was arraigned in FEDERAL HIGH COURT 3 PORTHARCOURT. Miss Amuche was unlawfully detained on the 10th of November 2015,from the Shop where she works as a Sales Girl,following the peaceful protest of the Indigenous People Of Biafra and was charged for Treasonable Felony. Amuche Destiny who is presently an orphan,after loosing her Father some years back before her unlawful detention,she lost her Mother who is presently in the Mortuary.
Following an interview granted by Destiny Amuche's immediate Elder Brother Master Success Amuche to Ibeh Gift Amarachi of Family Writers,he stated; "Amuche is my Younger Sister and she is Nineteen(19) of age,who was unlawfully detained in the Shop were she works as a Sales Girl,on the 10th of November 2015 when the Indigenous People Of Biafra had a peaceful protest. Destiny went to …


This is notify all Biafrans worldwide of the upcoming event; Remembrance Day in honour of the Biafran Heroes and Heroines who gave their lives in pursuit of our collective freedom between 1967-1970. We remind you that it is too soon to forget the sacrifice of more than 3.5 million Biafrans killed as a result of the genocide committed against our people 1967 – 1970. Our men fought gallantly and defensively, but only to survive. The whole atrocity happened in Biafra land and it is not qualified to be tagged a WAR in any ramification. THEY came and KILLED US! Come 30th May 2016, all Biafrans and friends of Biafra are expected to observe this event. Form a community of Biafrans wherever you live, start now to congregate if you have not already done so, Decide on where to hold the event. It could be in an open space, church hall, and/or in-house.Collect all known names of our heroes past. Those names shall be read out as part of the memorial.Pray fervently, committing the struggle for rest…


I read closely the Nigerian press tarnishing the image of the Republican Party and tipping Democrat to succeed, the essay by the Nigerian pro-Democrat journalists could not cite their explicit reasons for backing Democrat, they were much more rigid in their quest. Like core Nigerians who do not debate, their campaign was more or less an attack against Republican Party. Sanders or Clinton is their choice, this is not short of who would go on with Obama legacies. The legacies of Obama had always been the parley with Islam and neglect of Christians and natural allies of America. Unlike America that would stand her ground against all odds, Obama's America is imperialistic. Lobbying and licking the ass of the enemy to sustain relationship or control the enemy by mutual consent.

This is a very risky approach because as they are clustering by mutual consent, they would explode someday when selfish control is perceived. America has lost a lot under Obama, their God-hood was tempered in va…

Group releases NAMES AND DETAILS of IPOB members allegedly butchered and dumped by soldiers across the Niger.

The International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) on Thursday made good its promise of two days ago to release detailed information concerning “the shooting, abduction, murdering and dumping in Onitsha General Hospital Mortuary of some jubilant members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) by soldiers of the Onitsha Military Cantonment led by Col Issah Abdullahi.” The group said in a statement issued in Onitsha, signed by Board Chairman Emeka Umeagbalasi, Head, Civil Liberties & Rule of Law Programme, Obianuju Joy Igboeli, Esq., and Head, Campaign & Publicity Department, Uzochukwu Oguejiofor Esq.: “The dastardly act was perpetrated on 17th of December 2015 at the Onitsha Niger Bridgehead in Anambra State, Southeast of Nigeria. “We had earlier reported that not less than 80 members and supporters of the IPOB were shot and killed by the security forces, which also shot and terminally maimed over 170 others particularly in the Southeast and th…

Call the Russian strongman Vladimir Putin for his Support to Biafra. by Carol Munday.

Fellow Biafrans you own Biafrans this duty. Call the Russian strongman Vladimir Putin we need his support he has proven to be in the side of the oppressed. We can trust and count on him for support. Dial him on this free toll number 8-800-200-4040 or send MMS and SMS messages.

 The line is open until the 14th day of April, 2016. All lovers of freedom Biafrans and friends of Biafra MUST put a call or SMS to Putin. Tell Putin the problems of Biafra, the state sponsored killings, The plan forced Islamization of Biafrans, The sufferings of Biafrans and why we are wanted out of the Islamic Republic of Nigeria. 

Tell Putin that we maintain 6 standard AIRPORTS in Biafra land yet denial access to travel abroad from Biafra land except we travel 8-14 hours to Lagos, Abuja or Kano by road to board a flight. Tell Putin that we have 6 developed but abandoned SEA PORTS in Biafra land yet cannot import goods directly to Biafra land we must import in Lagos sea port and then truck our goods to Biafra la…

Dangers Of Fulani Janjaweed In Nigeria: Why State Political & Security Actors Must Tread With Caution & Learn From Darfur & Rwandan Human Disasters.

Onitsha Nigeria, 12th of April 2016)-The Janjaweed are a militia that operates in Darfur, Western Sudan, and Eastern Chad. Using the United Nations definition, the Janjaweed comprised Sudanese Arab tribes, the core of whom are from the Abbala (camel herder) background with significant recruitment from the Baggara (cattle herder) people(source: Wikipedia 2016). Since 2003, the Janjaweed has been a major player or party in the bloody conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan; fighting the Sudanese Liberation Movement/Army and the Justice and Equality Movement. The violent conflict killed 200,000-400,000 civilians between 2003 and 2007 with hundreds of thousands of others maimed and millions of others displaced. In 2008, the United States declared the killings in Dafur as genocide and attempts to wipe out African tribes of Darfur in Sudan. The Sudanese Janjaweed is commanded by Sheik Musa Hilal; named in 2004 by the US State Department as one of the leading Janjaweed commanders and genocid…