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The Nigeria judiciary no longer follow the Constitution and the judicial process.

The Nigeria judiciary no longer has the power to release NNAMDI KANU because they no long follow the Constitution and the judicial process, instead they are now obligated to do what president Buhari wants, which is to send Nnamdi Kanu to serve a jail term, possibly life imprisonment, that's why Buhari still keeps Nnamdi Kanu. Take a look at the so-called charges against Nnamdi Kanu and you will see that there is no basis, not to talk of any visible evidence to even back up their claims.

How can you arrest someone without probable cause? When has freedom of speech and self-determination become a 'Treasonable Felony'? That's what Buhari and his lawyers has been telling the world. The same Buhari who demanded that "the Palestinian people and those of the Western Sahara' be obliged their legitimate demands for self-determination to United Nations? So what the hack, huh? NNAMDI KANU is simply asking for the same rights for his people(Biafrans). Is it obvious that t…