Friday, 15 April 2016


Just few days after the unexpected visit of former president OBJ to Aso rock presidential villa Abuja in an undisclosed secret meeting with  president Muhamadu Buhari ,  The DSS went on a swift move to Kuje prison unannounced, bursting into Nnamdi Kanu’s cell room and knocking him out in the name of searching his cell room, what transpired there in was unknown ,Reports have it that he may have been injected with Dimethylmercury subtance or something similar.
Dimethylmercury as widely known as the “Slow Killer ” it  is a poisonous substance if injected into the body,  slowly attacks the red blood cells, gradually killing the host and could take several months before the host feels the painful reaction and is usually hard to save the person.
Could it be that OBJ’s visit to Aso rock is to give president Buhari such evil advice? could it be that Buhari heeded to his advice and sent his DSS to carry out such evil plans? Why was OBJ’s visit so urgent and unannounced? what is so serious that can not be discussed over the phone? The Nigerian news media said he went there to discuss the budget, but my question is, Why is the budget so urgent and important to OBJ who have to leave his home  and travel thousands of kilometres to meet Buhari in person? Can’t the budget be disscused via the phone? What is so important in the so called budget? which is even yet to be signed by Buhari.
This simply shows that there is something fishy going on, besides OBJ have a history of eliminating political prisoners back in 1998 before Abiola’s death this happened,
“The decision to kill Abiola was taken when IBB visited Obj in Abeokuta in 1998 to ask him to run for President, Obj was said to have asked his twin-devil how he would run for president when MKO Abiola was still alive to which IBB allegedly said “Don’t worry  that will be taken care of”, Of course they did through poisoning”- Yinka
They both connived and kill Moshood Abiola the presumed winner of the June 12, 1993 Presidential election annuled by former military dictator, General Ibrahim Babangida.
Now the BIG question is can Nigeria withstand the anger and vernom of the Biafrans?
Nigeria may be sparking a third World War in Africa if the allegations of poisoning Nnamdi Kanu comes to be true even if it surfaces months after Kanu must have been released. The elasticity of the patience of Biafrans is already being exhausted given the desperate posture of Nigerian government through their DSS to give Nnamdi Kanu a masquerade or eliminate him in the process. Several International security experts have warned that the “modus operandi” of Nigerian government in handling the Biafra issue especially Nnamdi Kanu’s incarceration and trial may likely spark a war that will ravage the most populous British former colony in Africa.
It would be very stupid of Nigerian government to under-estimate or ignore Biafrans at this point in time. It will be very dangerous and catastrophic to underestimate what would be a horrible reaction of Biafrans if pushed to the wall.
It should be noted that if an ordinary arrest of Nnamdi Kanu can spark a major protest among Biafrans all over the world who initially barely have time for any other thing apart from their business, work and education, then Nigerian government should be severely worried imagining what would happen if there is any scratch on Nnamdi Kanu or if they fail to allow justice prevail in his trial.


Nnamdi kanu
1914, a place in west Africa under the leadership of one Lord Lugard, brought together people with different cultural/traditional backgrounds and named them Nigerians. Considering the diverse ethnicity and traditional differences there is every indication that different countries were forced together to co-exist as one nation and that have continually caused an increased rate of tribal and religious violence across the country bringing about unnecessary killings and destruction of valuable properties courtesy of the British Empire. The big question remains, what was the original reason(s) for this forced relationship?
In the northern part of this region lived the Hausa/Fulani and they were predominantly Muslims and according to history they became Muslims after the invasion of a Jihadist named Utman Danfodio. In the South-Eastern region were predominantly chritsians who believed in a Supreme Being who created heaven and earth whom they called Chukwu Abiama. And in the west were the Yoruba people that were animists and with the influence of Utman Dafondio’s invasion through the Sahara via the north, conquered a reasonable part of the west and finally turned about 70% of her inhabitants to Muslims.
When the Easterners (Biafrans) realized the so called Nigeria state was not going to do them any good, as well as the continuous expression of hatred against them, they decided to fight their way off the contraption which by the help of the white colonial masters especially the Britons they were forced back into the Nigerian state after the planned total extermination of the Biafrans was stalled by Chukwu-Okike Abaima though they maliciously succeeded in killing over 3,000 000 Biafrans.

Today, the contraption called Nigeria has been more like a hell to her citizens including the forced Biafrans. Ethnics and religious political system being one of the major problems as the British will want a continued leadership of the North over the south. That have pronounced louder the ill relationship been shared by the so acclaimed Nigerians courtesy of the British Empire. The Biafrans this time lead by Prince Nnamdi Kanu sprang up again in the quest for the restoration of Biafra and the Buhari lead administration arrested and illegally detained him for no reason and from then up until now, Nigeria have remained in perpetual slavery and suffering, scarcity of fuel at its peak, crippled economy, no power supply, worsening road situation in-fact such that have never happened since the creation of the contraption call Nigeria.
This is a warning sign that Chukwu Okike Abiama has come to free his people from the power of darkness called colonial white masters and there fraudulent lies about heaven and the Church. For crying out loud Christ was a Jew and he worshiped in the Tabernacle, he believed in Judaism and honoured the old law and commandment of the Holy Scrolls. Even the children of Israel fought their way through into Canaan land. Ecl. 3:3, for everything there is a season. When it is to kill, kill! When it is to war, war! King Saul was cursed by God because he failed to kill as commanded by God against the Amalakites. We have refused the continued enslavement of our people in the land of Egypt (Nigeria) we refuse to continue working for Pharaoh (British Empire) Chukwu Okike Abiabima is warning with plagues but it keep falling on deaf ears. No matter the white man’s interest in a continued Nigeria as an entity, the Biafrans are tired and need to go and worship their God in their own accord. Free Biafrans, free Nnamdi Kanu or the wrath of Chukwu Okike Abiama will cripple you all and your entire generation.



This is to notify Biafrans all over the world, that we are set to hit the streets once again, but this time like never witnessed before.The ICC prosecutor delegate, who recently arrived Nigeria, has indicated interest to witness our peaceful protest. This is why we say that this protest is going to be one of a kind
This march is in solidarity with the indefatigable leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, who was kidnapped by Muhammadu Buhari's executive thugs, the DSS. It is also in honour of our fallen heroes, who met their untimely death, in the hands of the greatest murderer the world has ever seen- Buhari, through his murderous army.
The peaceful protest shall be kicking off in two weeks time at the most. Date, time and venue will be communicated to all Biafrans via their coordinators.

Recall that during the last occupy protest organised in Aba, Biafrans were tear-gassed, maimed, brutalised and gunned down while singing and praying to God Almighty. They were harmless men and women praying for the release of our leader Nnamdi Kanu, and above all, the quick restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra, at the National High School Aba, Abia State.
They were killed simply because they were unarmed, civilized Biafrans, who have always been non-violent.
This gory incident, went viral all over the internet and media houses. It sparked outrage from Biafrans, foreign media and the people of goodwill at large.
Buhari's hatred towards the people of Biafra, although widely unbelievable by many who know him not, became very conspicuous.

The penchant for killing Biafrans with impunity, by the Muhammadu Buhari- led government is an already established fact which the whole of humanity has come to know; through his unremorseful disposition, especially during his last media chat with the local Television stations in Nigeria, and Aljazeera Tv. When the Interviewer sought to know Buhari's opinion on the Aba massacre by making a quick move to play the video, he (Buhari) bluntly refused to watch it. In furtherance of his genocidal disposition, he had the effontery to remind Biafrans of how they were killed in millions by the Chief Genocidist Gen.Yakubu Jack Gowon, under whose command he (Buhari) perpetrated great evil. Buhari played a major role in the Owerri massacre, where harmless civilians including men and women were killed.

We have once again decided to march, we are not going to stop this march. We must march!
This peaceful protest will resound all over the world. The world will be forced to talk about it, especially now that Buhari alongside his menions, are currently  being investigated by the International Criminal Court ( ICC).
It will be  fool-hardy for Muhammadu Hitler Buhari to conceive in the inner recess of his mind that the Aba massacre has demoralised us, No it can never!
Many have died for this noble cause, and as such the thought of conceeding defeat will be too far from us. Their death to us alive, is and will always be our morale and strenght in the face of adversities to come.
If we stop now, their souls will never find rest. Their only consolation will be to see Buhari and his henchmen, the DSS, Army and the Nigerian Police cooling off their eels in the Hague prison, and above all, the total obliteration of the giant fraud called Nigeria, from world map.

Biafrans should sound the alarm, shout it loud, spread the news of this mega million Peaceful Protest coming up, because we are about to march again in grand style. This protest will definitely shake the foundation of the Lugardian enterprise called Nigeria.
This is not a venture for cowards and talkatives, this a noble endeavour for the very hardcore.
Those of you who have vowed with Nnamdi Kanu that it is BIAFRA OR DEATH, the time is not tomorrow but now. We march to greatness, victory, but above all, we march unto freedom for Nnamdi Kanu and BIafra!!!

By Nwosu Chinwendu S.