Thursday, 21 July 2016

Portrait of a Biafran Soldier.

Date: 1967 - 1969.
Note: The U.S. Army illegally invaded and bombed Vietnam and more recently, Iraq. When they returned, the American establishment made sure they were greeted as heroes. Yet, when an Igbo post a picture in honour of those who fought for our freedom, some of our own people will write silly articles against it.
Whether our feeling of marginalisation is real or perceived, it is wrong to dismiss our grievances and accuse us of being the cause of our predicaments.
Mr Chukwuhill Okonkwo & others like him, we frown upon your shenanigans!

Portrait of a Biafran Soldier.


Oduduwa Republic

If the Niger-delta freedom fighters has combined their forces with the self-determination groups from the South-East such like IPOB of Maxi Nnamdi Kalu and Massob lead by Uchenna Madu and other genuine pro-Biafran freedom seekers with the use of devastating weapons and other destructive war armaments from Russia, North Korea, the State of Israel and the other powerful nations in Diaspora who understand the pro-British-Fulani-Hausa alliance and others in Nigeria while forcefully insisting Nigeria will not breakup because the concept of Nigeria is their meal tickets while they want one Nigeria remain in a rogue status forever united, they will not allow those who never do again to have their own separate countries. Yet they want to continue to hide under one Nigeria to use the resources of these want away regions, that do not want Nigeria again to run one Nigeria that those who do not want the country possess the natural and human resources under their indigenous geography.
The Nigeria political leadership must understand this basic reality that those from the two regions now speaking as one block are against the others from other regions that want Nigeria to remain under the eternal domination of those who want Nigeria because of the fake pan-Nigerian influences and political relationship cum partisan and business connections, may not survive the hurricane that is about to befall one Nigeria. This I can bet with my whole!

Many people from the Yoruba Ethnic Group who still want to hang on to one Nigeria do not know what is about to happen to one Nigeria. These groups of Yoruba from an Obasanjo to the least person on the Yoruba streets and those residing and hiding abroad and write rubbish in the pan-Nigeria electronic , print and social media platforms underestimated what is about to fall one Nigeria. Let them note this and do so very quickly if they are not to bite their fingers ignorantly, that the forces at work now to end one Nigeria are developed by powerful nuclear powerful Nations outside Nigeria and who has been observing the neo-colonial nature of the British created Nigeria for a long time and discovered that the most intelligent indigenous Nation trapped within Nigeria who should had ended this one Nigeria British eating tickets cum Fulani meal tickets, are so indolent and not straight forward, as their elite of various professional manifestations continue to collaborate with the forces of British imperialism and Fulani feudalism as the old eastern region had been doing before now, this time, now Yoruba, to pretentiously fake their demands for True-Federalism and Regional Autonomy, while they do not employ sustain practical confrontational manifestations for these demands from Nigeria to be met once and for all while the majority of their ordinary people majorly continue to suffer gross deprivation and unstrained poverty of un-imaginary levels.

These Yoruba interests while playing self-promoted pan-Nigeria politics of class interests to enthrone various interests outside Yorubaland to rule over the Yoruba Nation under the concept of pan-Nigerianism, the Regional agendas of these various regions while in power always manifested against the interests of the majority of the Yoruba and the further dehumanization of the Yoruba universal being. I, Makanjuola Adigun Muhammed will never oppose any struggle to breakup Nigeria and I want Buhari to note this and do so very well. I am not a hypocrites or an ignoramus. I studied History of the world and that of Nigeria to a considerable levels and I know that there is no love among those so called “Nigerians” and there is nothing like Nigeria and if this is a lie then let me die. Those who are singing a fairytales songs about Nigeria unity know why they are doing so. Such believes do not stand any universal logic and arguments and the pro-Buharists like the others who had ruled this fake one Nigeria before are only interested in the continue philosophies of robbing Peter to pay Paul. If the North and their friends in the South from the office of the President to the least man in the South-West and the old eastern region, and their Senior Northern parasites, genuinely believed in the Unity of Nigeria, let them collectively agreed to these three items below; Namely:

1, Hand off from the oil and gas of the Niger-delta areas and the VATS generated from the south, and that of the oil producing areas of Imo, Abia, Ondo, Anambra and Lagos permanently and use cows, yam, desert, the Bible and the Koran to ran Nigeria into a modern economy of the 21st century.
2, Let all the current 6 geo-political zones be urgently be transformed into six strong autonomous regions, each with, is own flags, National Anthem and Constitutions respectively according to their peculiar Histories.

3, after granting the above two, an Igbo of Eastern extraction must be allowed to preside over a new Nigeria if the Buhari co-North will accept an infidel ruling over Nigeria after the restructuring of Nigeria. Basically I know that the above two factors and the last are not impossible and the North will rather prefer war in conceding their neo-colonial ownership of Nigeria to be terminated. And it is from these above, I foresee the eventual breakup of One Nigeria in a few months from now. Let any Yoruba on this thread not call these above analysis a lie after all, the Yoruba traditional institutions and powerful elements had in recent times had become objects of kidnapping ridicule and political assaults from confrontational parts of failed Nigeria with no radical or aggressive response from those Yorubas who do not want Nigeria to breakup because they have not completed their assignments as serving in their new roles as Fulani agents in the south of criminal one Nigeria. When a Yoruba deaconess of the Redeem Christian Church of God and her counterparts from Imo State, who were women and were gruesomely murdered in Abuja and Kano respectively by pro-Islamic fanatics, there was no demonstrations at the National Assembly ,in Lagos, Ondo, Ekiti, Osun, Oyo, ,Imo and Ogun States respectively , to aggressively demand for recompense of these victims of conscious physical eliminations but when a hopeless, a Tug and a mad Senator had issues with a wife of a powerful pan-One Nigeria political kalifa, the love of patronage and inducement becomes the motivating factors behind these various money driven process cum massive protests.

When Yoruba demand for restructuring cum True-Federalism and Regional Autonomy, no Yoruba commoners will be sponsored on the streets of fake one Nigeria, carrying protesting banners and placards in a long sustained process to press home of these demands but let the Unitarists insult the their political leaders who are the sources of their private meal tickets that do not reflect no positive benefits to millions of Yoruba, hell will be let loose. Hypocrisy, sycophancies, and Alimajirism are now the order of things among the Yoruba people trapped within Nigeria.

Hiring, for private and sinister purposes are now the common things within Yorubaland and among the majority of the suffering Yoruba people in Nigeria yet they will, by their massive ignorance and lies accept positions and fairytale stories past down to them by their leaders and arch-deceivers to continue to oppose and condemn the calls for the breakup of Nigeria, the source of all their sufferings and dehumanization.

On a final note: The Yorubaland is dealing with the most daunting challenges in our history. Our traditional institutions are been violated at will by gunmen and kidnappers for one unclear reasons or the others. The OPC, which one of the segments of the Yoruba chop-chop class had one condemned as a criminal group cum Yoruba enemies are now be begged to save the Yoruba Nation from permanent occupation and eventual conquest, the calls current been made by the rich class and the ignorant ordinary suffering Yoruba people, of a group they had finally rejected, after 2015 elections on the basis of pan-Nigerian partisan politics. They are not calling on their Pan-Nigerian Armed forces and other security agencies to come and save them but the OPC. The OPC, on the other hands had requested all the who is who in the Yoruba leadership, to sign an open undertakings that they will not be handed over to the pan-one Nigeria state, by same people who are now calling them to protect them and their land after series of attacks in some parts of Lagos and Ogun States respectively, The OPC and other Yoruba self-determination groups, must see the current tides as an opportunity not only to defend the Yorubaland and people, both old and young, rich and poor but to free the Yoruba Nation from all the evils that the Yoruba leadership that cannot do anything about because of their selfish pursuits in one Nigeria while our totality as a people is endangered by those they are suppose to live in same useless country with, while they want to remain permanently as devious proxies want to keep one Nigeria for themselves and not to the advantage of the majority of our peo0ple. Biafra actual8ization is in months where will the Oduduwa Nation be, which areas, Oba or persons are next in the line, in further attacks to be carried out within the territory of the Yoruba Nation? Ti a baa sukun a maa rii ran ni oo! Biafra Republic will be declared soonest and nothing will happen! Nigeria unity is negotiable! There are two choices left for a determined slaves, either to be free or died in Slavery! The Biafran Armed forces had given 1st of August for individuals from Northern Extractions and the Yoruba Nation residing and working within their geography to relocate to their own respective countries of Arewa and Oduduwa Republic to enable in peace without killing non-Biafrans to declare their Sovereign independence from Nigeria by going on the offensive. We do not see any wrong with the above ultimatum, if they will not harm our own people living in their region while they make frantic attempts to come back to the Yoruba Nation. Their indigenous Territory is their indigenous homeland!

Those Yoruba who are regularly boasting on facebook and social media networks could not come home or those residing in Nigeria and other parts of already occupied Yorubaland could go to Ikorodu, Ekiti, Ibarapaa, Ereuwa,Skaki,Oyo, Ilashe, Shagamu, Ilaro, Ayetoro, Iba,ijagemo and other parts of the Yoruba Nation where external attacks and painful gruesome killings had been experienced by our ordinary people with some traditional rulers kidnapped during these unfortunate attacks because our people were not prepared for a time like this by our self-serving leaders in failed one Nigeria while the leaders of other regions are!