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The Names Of Biafrans Killed By Nigerian Joint Military Operations Under The Orders Of "Muhammadu Buhari" On May 30th,2016.

As long as we know, Buhari led Government had murdered thousands of IPOB agitators. The military Under Buhari's command has committed atrocities against Peaceful Biafra agitators and as such against humanity. The time has come when the world will rise up to challenge this very killing competitions in Nigeria. Since the arrest of his Excellency Mazi Nnamdi Kanu," the Nigerian Government led by APC as a political party then Buhari as the President, have violated both local and international law without intervention from all works of lives."
IPOB' is hereby putting the world on notice that Buhari and his Boko Haram Army were the worst kind of threat to Biafrans and other Nigerians.
The world should take note as IPOB listed the names of her family members been massacred by Buhari's armed military men.
Below are the areas we covered during the planned genocide against IPOB on May 30th,2016. "Asaba and Onitsha" As the day of our atonement approaches,we shal…