Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Divide Nigeria like suddan, hundreds cases of Bokoharrams terrorist killing and unlawful arrest of Biafrans.

Igbo woman massacred and rapped.
The peroration of this whole post, is that Nigeria should be divided and Biafrans should stand up for freedom now.

Nothing offends the sensibilities more than unnecessary or avoidable loss of life. Nothing. The killing of 20 in Ukpabi Nimbo community in the Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State yesterday, was one more of a long history of slayings, stemming from common disagreements. In February more than 40 were slaughtered in Agatu, Benue state and over 2,000 were injured.

This has been going on for way too long. It is not a one sided story, and some herdsmen have lost their lives in these clashes, but the wanton deaths are happening because the herdsmen are literally showing up to fist fights, armed with guns and machetes. The Enugu incident was not just a bunch of herdsmen passing through, it was a planned "invasion", where much more than the herdsmen overran the villages, sending host communities scampering for dear lives.

Herdsmen from neighboring countries like Chad have also attacked communities in Benue state in the past, taking advantage of the porous borders. Agrarian communities and cattle herders have historically been at logger heads, by the very nature of their occupations being diametrically opposed. This cannot keep happening, whatever short term measures the government can put in place to make sure that one more life is not lost, needs to happen with immediate alacrity.

This problem aside from the insurgency, has the greatest potential to compromise the peace and security of our country. Word is that there are plans to build grazing reserves and ban movement of cattle, but that seems more like a long term solution.

While the usual mischief makers may want to use this latest incident in Enugu state to fan more flames of discord, they need to remember that families have lost loved ones, and entire communities are grieving right now. This is not the time to play the (usual) "Buhari is a Fulani" card. Recall that "less than a week to the exit of the last government, over 100 persons, mostly women, children and the elderly, were slaughtered in villages and refugee camps located at Ukura, Gafa, Per and Tse-Gusa at Ukemgbiraghia Twarev Ward, in Logo local government area, in one of the bloodiest attacks on Benue communities by suspected herdsmen." (Vanguard Feb.28, 2016.) Might also be worthy to point out that these clashes are not unique to us, they happen all over the world, (as far away as Australia), anywhere there is nomadic cattle activity and farmland. Lastly, unlawful killings MUST be handled by law enforcement and perpetrators must be punished, just like any other persons that commit crimes of that magnitude.

There is no justification, and there should be no forbearance, for taking the life of another human being because they chased your cattle off their farmland. May the souls of the dead rest in peace....

agatu massacre.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Tension As Fulani Herdsmen Abduct 8 Farmers In Delta Community.

Fulani herdsmen.
SUSPECTED Fulani herdsmen yesterday kidnapped eight persons in Obiaruku, Ukwuani Local Government Area of Delta State and held them hostage for
several hours during which the victims were allegedly tortured and brutalized. The victims were said to be working in their farmland when the herdsmen stormed the farm at about 6am and seized the workers on the ground that they (farmers) were responsible for the killing of four cows in the neighborhood. Youth leader of the community, Comrade Chika Uwabuofu, however said the victims were later released at about 2.30pm by the hostage takers as tension was building in the community.
Uwabuofu who lamented the unwholesome activities of herdsmen in the community, said that “for some time now, Fulani herdsmen have been harassing our men and women in their farmlands, eating the food in their barns and using their cows to destroy their crops. “On account of this, we have been reporting their activities to the police and a meeting was held by the council chairman, some top government functionaries and the state chairman of the Fulani herdsmen where they given three days to leave the community.
“Truly , they left, but after some days, some women came to report that some Fulani herdsmen were seen with their cows in the community. Then today, they held eight of our men hostage. We are not aware that their cows were killed and butchered as they are claiming. “We appeal to the government to come and assist us by evacuating them from our farmlands because that is our only means of livelihood.” As at the time of filing this report, security operatives were said to have be drafted to the community to restore peace and calm frayed nerves of residents.




By Onyebuchi Eze 
(Nnamdi Kanu disciple)
Published By Family Writers
My dear IPOB,


 proverb said "Ọbụrụ anya dị nwoke n'ọgụ, dịkwa ya na mgba, nwanyị etituoya n'ala". This proverb simply translate thus "if a man is interested in both fight and wrestling at d same time, then a woman will slap him down". This proverb has summed up what i want to say in this open letter i am sending to my fellow IPOB members. It is no longer breaking news 2 anybody anywhere that Fulani terrorist are everywhere in Igbo land terrorizing our people thereby looking for a reprisal.

DSS has even disguised as Fulani herdsmen attacking Igbo communities & thereby looking 4 reprisals from IPOB members. Fulani terrorist menace has also assumed a worrisome dimension that our people are now living like conquered people in our towns, communities & villages whereas our political harlots called governors (Chief Security Officers of states), Senators representing d states in NASS, Hon Rep members representing d affected constituencies kept mute due 2 fear of victimization. All of us are feeling d pains and anguish of our people.

IPOB is feeling concerned about this. MASSOB is also expected 2 feel concerned. However, I want IPOB members 2 understand that we are not Igbo militia which is duty bound 2 protect Igbo land. IPOB is d body of Indigenous people of Biafra with d sole responsibility of restoring Biafran sovereignty. Please, I knw that so many people may not understand what i am implying here, but i Knw that Bar. Emma Nmezu, Dr Clifford Iroanya, Mazi Alphosus Uche Mefor, Emeka Nnaoma, etc will understand me very well. Let IPOB stop, disclaim or disassociate itself from issuing any ultimatum or threat against any illtreatment been meted on Igbo people or land. Let us focus on our Biafra restoration struggle & any activity relating 2 that purpose.

This has become important now as our Biafra restoration goal is already 90% achieved. All these desperate effort of Buhari & his sponsored agents running up and down establishing Ikedife & his group, accusing IPOB of killing Fulani in Bende Umuahia province, dragging of IPOB 2 ICC is enough evidence to doubting Thomases 2 knw dat Biafra is already 90% achieved & thereby causing them sleepless night. Therefore my brethren, IPOB is too big 2 be seen by onlookers as Igbo militia, terrorist or war propagandas. We must desist from any temptation that will make international community view us as any of these above mentioned groups.

IPOB has a lot of responsiblities of diplomatic consultations & requisitions towards the remaining international bottle-necks 2 be severed prior 2 Biafran restorations than 2 descend too low 2 where we will be seen as ordinary militants. If any town, community or village in Igbo land is plagued beyond endurance by Fulani invaders or DSS invaders in Fulani herdsmen colour looking for IPOB 2 react so dat they will have case against IPOB in ICC, let the towns, villages or communities gather their youths which may still includes IPOB members from d village 2 push d enemies out but not in d capacity of IPOB.

IPOB will not in official capacity add any voice in any issue outside Biafra restoration nor will be held responsible for anything that happen as the youths protects their lands. IPOB should not be the proverbial man who is interested in fight (Biafran struggle) and also want 2 be interested in wrestling (militia protecting Igbo land) at the same time, thereby facing many fronts. Any other group can come with d purpose of protecting Igbo land but IPOB which its members went beyond Igbo land which includes other ethnic groups in Biafra should not be in position 2 do. Please, igbos must not think that i am not feeling concerned about their plight, No! If there is anybody who has d biggest concern, it is Nnamdi Kanu, then next is myself. Hweva, it is better we get Biafra than fighting fulani or DSS herdsmen everyday in one Nigeria as Biafra is d end of the fulani or DSS rubbish. May help us as we fight d battles of our lives in Jesus name. Amen!
Yours faithfully,

Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu disciple) Follow me twitter on @ofwaziri